Thank You and Goodbye

This is the last posting on this website. I am going to miss being your representative – every day I realise how fortunate I was to do so. I thank you all for your support as well as letting me know the issues that were important to you. I have a deep sadness in departing the role and wish only the best ahead for the residents of The Gabba Ward.

Virginia Jago and Joe Burnett, who have been the public face and my support in the office, will leave their positions with my retirement. I wish them both well in the future and know that they will move onto even more exciting jobs. They will remain in the office until the Councillor Elect, Jonathan Sri, is sworn in. This is likely to be early or mid April, but as yet the date has not been announced.

the three of us

But I still have one final and wonderful story to share with you all…

Tree Sculpture

When the magnificent fig tree in Mollison Street, West End, was poisoned in 2012, I requested a replacement tree be planted immediately. Unfortunately, the road rules would not permit a new tree due to the proximity to driveways.

I really do think we are being over regulated and certainly the needs of car drivers dominate our City.

The alternative was to create an art work instead and I believed the trunk should be sculptured and remain in the same place. But artist Gabriele Trabucco had other ideas. He has made a steel frame and art work that shows an explosion of energy and life arising to the sky from the tree trunk. All the soft timber has been removed from the trunk and it has been carved to highlight the texture and interwoven buttresses of the tree.

Do make sure you take the time to have a look at the art work.  I hope the community will come up with an appropriate name in recognition of its significance and meaning for all people in West End.

I wish to thank Gabriele and his friends for the extra-voluntary work invested in this art work. The project was funded from The Gabba Ward LMSIF – discretionary  funds that Councillors can allocate to projects.


Future contact Details

I intend to remain active in our local community and would love to hear about local events.

My new email is   My mobile phone remains unchanged.