Letters of Support

I am happy to show support to local community groups who work to develop sustainable, inclusive and creative projects within The Gabba Ward. In fact, this is one of the pleasures of my job.

If you require a letter of support to assist with an application for grant funding through Local, State or Federal Government or private enterprise, please provide me with the details of your project to assist my staff in preparing the support letter at the earliest opportunity.

As you will appreciate, many requests for letters of support are received at the same time due to grant deadlines. Please plan your request well ahead of time. I am unable to provide a support letter if requested within 24 hours of a grant deadline – yes, it does happen!

It often takes 30 – 40 minutes per support letter and The Gabba Ward receives dozens of requests. Do please allow at least one week for receipt of your support letter.

Please email your request to thegabba.ward@bcc.qld.gov.au and be sure to include the following information:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Grant name
  • Project name
  • Total cost of the project
  • Project location and timeline
  • Project outline and aims (please be brief – 50 words maximum)
  • Community involvement and collaboration
  • Community benefit
  • Postal address for hard copy of letter
  • Phone contact information
  • Your organisations website link (if applicable)

This information should be only 1 page. It is simply to ‘share’ the workload rather than be a chore for you.

Alternatively you can fill in this online form.

Applicant Name (required)

Grant Name (required)

Total Cost of Project

Project Location and Timeline

Project Outline and Aims

Community Involvement and Collaboration

Community Benefit

Postal Address

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Phone No

Your Email (required)

Website (if applicable)



If you require any assistance, please contact Virginia or Joe on 3403 2165 to discuss.


Cr Helen Abrahams