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Reuse and Recycling Services Directory 2011-12

Use the Brisbane City Council bin calendar to find the collection day for your address.

Large Item Kerbside Waste Pickup 2014/15

Brisbane City Council is offering a FREE collection of your unwanted household items that are too big for wheelie bins as part of the kerbside general items collection.

Suburb Collection strats week commencing
Camp Hill (Bennetts Road) Monday 8 December 2014
Coorparoo Monday 2 February 2015
Greenslopes Monday 9 February 2015
Highgate Hill
South Brisbane
West End
Monday 26 January 2015
Dutton Park
Kangaroo Point
Monday 16 February 2015
East Brisbane
Monday 23 February 2015

Note: do not place your items on the kerb until the weekend before the collection date. Illegal dumping fines may apply if items are placed on the kerb outside the scheduled collection period

Important Points when putting out items for collection:

  • to keep the piles tidy on the kerb so the footpath or roadway is kept clear
  • Council will not collect piles larger than two cubic metres (equal to a small box trailer load) or individual items more than one metre long
  • doors must be removed from refrigerators and cupboards
  • do not leave sharp or dangerous objects
  • items must be able to be easily and safely lifted by two people

Council will not collect unacceptable items placed on the kerb. Illegal dumping fines may apply if unacceptable material is not removed.

Safety First
Keep the pile tidy on the kerb, so the footpath is kept clear.

Acceptable Items

  • furniture and white goods (fridges)
  • household appliances, including stoves
  • carpet and lino
  • bath and laundry tubs
  • wood products


  • vegetation, dirt, stones and potted plants
  • construction waste (bricks, concrete)
  • car parts and tyres
  • general household waste
  • liquids and hazardous wastes (paint, chemicals)
  • gas bottles
  • glass

Green Waste

The biennial kerbside collection of green waste in its current form has ceased.

To ensure disposal options remain available for green waste, Council will provide:

Four FREE pre-storm season tipping days at Council’s transfer stations: Residents will be able to drop off green and garden waste free of charge on dates to be announced, prior to the storm season.

Fiver FREE Waste vouchers for each ratepayer to dispose 100 kilograms per voucher: Residents can drop off green waste for free anytime of the year at a Council transfer station using waste vouchers, subject to the conditions on the vouchers.

Waste vouchers are sent to homeowners every year in July with the quarterly rates notice. If you don’t receive our vouchers please visit The Gabba Ward office with your rates notice.

Green waste recycling user-pay bin service: Council has recently launched a new green waste recycling service for residents. This new service is an easy and affordable way to have garden waste collected every fortnight.

New Green Waste Recycling Bin Service

Brisbane City Council is offering a new green waste recycling service for residents to dispose of organic material from gardening such as prunings and grass clippings.

The voluntary green waste service allows residents to order up to two 240 litre wheelie bin with a light green lid to be emptied on the alternate week to recycling bins. For each bin there is an establishment fee of $30 with an ongoing quarterly rates charge of $16.25.

Residents will be able to purchase a green waste recycling bin to dispose of their grass clippings, tree, bush and shrub trimmings, flowers, small branches and similar material.

Green waste recycling bins will be fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags so bins can be tracked if removed from the original premises or if the owner moves and doesn’t notify Council. Council will automatically track incorrect locations.

The conditions relating to the green waste service are:

  • The initial service is for 12 months
  • The service is fortnightly
  • There is no refund once the service starts
  • The bins will be delivered in July 2010 with the collection service in September 2010
  • The service is for residential properties
  • Unit residents can participate but they need approval from the Body Corporate
  • Rental properties can participate so long as the rate payer of the property signs up for the service
  • It is possible to transfer a bin to a different property so long as it is in Brisbane

Residents can apply now for the Green Waste Recycling Service by phoning Council on 3403 8888. As the service will be charged to the rate account, please remember to have your current rate account number handy. Tenants will need approval from their landlord if they wish to order the service.

For more information visit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/waste or call Council on (07) 3403 8888.