Parking Control Areas

There are three regulated parking areas in The Gabba Ward.

These traffic areas are located in proximity of sporting facilities, hospitals and universities, as well as areas with high traffic volumes or parking demand.

Brisbane Parking Taskforce Recommendations

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Residential Parking Permits

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Parking Rules

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Parking Fines

Disputing a Parking Fine

Cr Helen Abrahams is happy to make representation on your behalf to Brisbane City Council in the event that you do receive a parking fine. However, you must provide sufficient evidence as to why the fine should be reviewed.  As a minimum, we require the following:

  • Parking Infringement Notice Number (eg: 40000 …. ….)
  • Date infringement notice was issued
  • Registration Number of infringed vehicle
  • Address where vehicle is registered
  • Whether the vehicle is privately owned or is a company vehicle
  • Contact name, address and phone number of driver
  • Contact name, address and phone number of vehicle owner (if different from driver)
  • A signed Statutory Declaration form letter from vehicle owner, stating driver was permitted to use the vehicle (if the driver is not the vehicle owner)

When a review is sought, the fine is held in suspense.

Please DO NOT pay the fine even if the payment due date falls prior to receiving a decision by Council.  Drivers should expect to receive Council’s written advice of the review outcome, within four to six weeks.  Correspondence regarding the outcome, will be sent directly to the address at which the vehicle is registered.

If you have not received advice of the parking review outcome within six weeks, please feel welcome to contact our office again at that time.